Let's Go Yum Cha Again! Series

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Let's Go Yum Cha Again!

Take kids on another adventure through the sights, smells, and sounds of eating sweet dim sum!

  • Eat With Your Eyes

    Adorable and delicious illustrations will encourage kids to try dim sum.

  • Stamp the Card

    Kids will learn simple Cantonese words for food and mannerisms in a restaurant setting.

  • Embrace Your Sweet Tooth

    This story will help kids develop the vocabulary for describing food and understand how different sweets are served.

  • ★★★★★

    I LOVE the fact that my nephew will grow up with this book.

    "I remember reading all these books as a kid but never realized how important it was to see faces that looked like me until I was older. I only knew my parents never said they loved me like the ones in my books but they showed me through food. That being said, to have my nephew grow up and have the opportunity to relate to a cultural experience through yours is pretty dang exciting!"

    - Michelle L.

  • ★★★★★

    OMG My daughter took a bite out of the book!

    "After months of carrying around the book, she actually tried to eat the dim sum! She ripped the pages out and stuffed them in her mouth! She makes us read it over and over again. She sniffs the pages and asks how it smells and taste like. She waves when the to-go boxes show up because she knows it’s time to say bye. She’s hilarious! We didn’t even cue her. She started doing that unprompted. Dim sum is her favorite food now because of the book."

    - Chris P.

  • ★★★★★

    This book is giving me the feels and I can't stop crying.

    "I'm 4th generation Chinese. My generation has barely anything of our language, though we thankfully retained many habits and traditions. After we read it last night, my son spent half the remaining time until going to sleep happily chirping, “Sik fan la! Time to eat!” with such unrestrained comfort and joy, and it's given me hope that he'll continue being able to embrace this part of himself and his family. So yeah, I'm a sobbing mess now."

    - Laura H.

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