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About the Author

Hi! I'm Alister!

I was the kid that would bring fried rice for lunch regardless of where I got to call home. I grew up in cities like Vancouver, Hong Kong, and even though I’m not a kid anymore, I still bring fried rice for lunch in San Francisco. Growing up, I always felt like there wasn't enough representation of my culture in media.

Now, as an adult, I want to tell stories where I can see myself, and I hope others can read these stories they can relate to and feel seen, too! Even for those who don't completely relate, at least you took the time to learn about new cultures and be an ally. Representation matters and we should be able to tell our own stories!

Want to chat? Email me at hi@alisterfelix.com

About the Illustrator

Hi I'm Yenna!

I was the kid that would doodle everywhere, especially in my schoolbook. Paper and pencil could keep me entertained for hours.

As an adult, I work as a freelance illustrator and have had the opportunity to collaborate on various children's projects, such as animated series, short films, and picture books. I love to use texture and bright colors in my illustrations. When I’m not drawing, you can find me doing yoga, photographing clouds, and watching cat and dog videos on Instagram.

Want to say hi? Email me at yennamariana.art@gmail.com

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